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Welcome to the NOURISH Podcast with Kim Bakaev!  The purpose of this podcast is to provide content that will be nourishing to your souls, hearts and spirits in order to thrive in every area of your life.

Jan 17, 2019

So many of us battle fear and insecurity in so many areas of our lives. If it's not flat-out fear, it may be avoiding things that are uncomfortable.  We often hide who we really are for fear of being rejected or misunderstood.  Then we feel like frauds because we don't reveal our true selves to the people around us.  My friend Lisa J. Goins tackles these things in her new book, Courageously Uncomfortable.  Having been in ministry for 25 years, raising four children, running successful businesses, she still struggled with major insecurities and fear.  In this honest book, Lisa shares her battles and how she is choosing to have courage in uncomfortable situations and discovering the awesome life God has for her.  Her journey will be a source of great nourishment for us all!   You can connect with Lisa at the following: