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Welcome to the NOURISH Podcast with Kim Bakaev!  The purpose of this podcast is to provide content that will be nourishing to your souls, hearts and spirits in order to thrive in every area of your life.

Sep 15, 2018

My guest today is singer, songwriter and author Plumb (Tiffany Lee).  In June, she released her new album Beautifully Broken (and it's so good!).  Her second book, Fight for Her, came out in August.  Both of these projects are connected in the themes of God using our brokenness, of God redeeming our hurts, and of the hope we have in Christ to make all things new.  In our conversation, she shares about how she got started in the music business, being a mom, and the themes in her book that address areas that all women deal with in their relationships with each other, spouses, and God.  For more information about all things Plumb, including upcoming concert dates and tickets, visit   Sponsor info:  Use promo code "NOURISH" at checkout for 20% off! Sept 21-22, 2018